About Me

My name is Bella. 

I’m a 20-something Marketing Executive based in Dubai, UAE. I spend most of my time reading, watching and constantly learning everyday life things. Between you and me, however, those hours are also spent making endless list of things to make myself believe I accomplished a lot of stuff. I’m sorry, my Virgo brothers and sisters, but #TruthHurts.

I’m generally sweet and polite, can be witty and a smarty pants occasionally as well but do not take me for a softie; I am assertive and can probably do a roundhouse kick to your groin, if needed *wink!

According to good ol’ trusty Google, my name either means a beautiful altar or an answered prayer 🙂 Thanks, mom. It is is a beautiful name, so says my boyfriend.

Life/Adulting has been more frustrating than ever, but let me see what I can do with it.

Why “Full-bodied Bella”?

I started blogging since Feb/March of 2015 as a form of therapy after a bad breakup. That blog was just where I would dump some very personal and melancholic bits and pieces about myself; my escape from anything not post-worthy in most social media accounts. It is where I had been really honest about myself. I greatly enjoyed it despite not having an audience and not endorsing it to my friends. It was like a dirty little secret that I got fond of. It was a writing project — a blogging promise to document my life; a gift to myself if I ever saw her as a stranger in a street, a coffee shop or in a dark alleyway whatever.

This time, Full-Bodied Bella will cover the next chapter of my life. A, hopefully, more adult version of the stories I used to tell you. It will be a blog about my struggles, triumphs, tips and tricks about how to navigate life big and proud as a full-bodied girl. I’ll let you in on my secrets, the sad pieces and the happy ones, and we hopefully come out of this journey, together and strong. My goal is to help you live your life without any doubts, without anything holding you back from just being happy, or just fucking living it.

Full-bodied, which is also usually used to describe wines, means something is rich in flavor, heavy and strong — and that perfectly describes me and how I also want you to be.

Ready to take this journey with me?

Cheers, and read on! *clink