5 More Lush Cosmetics Product To Try Now

My skincare routine is probably composed 50% of Lush Cosmetics products at the moment just because I love how they work well with my skin and how they’re non-abrasive and never gave me a problem. I’ve loved them since, and have even written months ago products which I have tried and also recommended to you. Today, I’ll be sharing 5 more products from the brand which you should cop on your next Lush store visit:

Dark Angels. My initial reception for Dark Angels wasn’t exactly warm because I didn’t see any results for the first few tries but I now actually absolutely love this. It’s one of the more economical face and body scrubs of Lush, if I should say. A tiny pinch has enough coverage for your entire face which makes even a small tub of this product last a few months. It’s used to target more deep-seated gunk in your pores which is perfect especially if you regularly wear full-coverage make-up products. One trick I’ve found about this is that it shouldn’t be kept sitting in your face for more than 30 seconds after you’ve done massaging it in. The reason behind it is the activated charcoal is supposed to draw out impurities to the surface of the skin but prolonged use can dry out the skin and cause even more problems.

Godiva Shampoo Bar. The premise of this product is at least 70 washes, which was difficult for me to achieve especially since I have a long thick head of hair. This was still interesting to use however because I could actually feel my scalp stripped off of dirt and excess oil, and it made me feel good that it doesn’t come in any packaging, so I didn’t contribute any more plastic waste from using it. I’d say this was more of a novelty item for me though, because I’m used to more supermarket shampoo brands growing up which are marginally less expensive but it doesn’t hurt to try it if you want to see how you fair with a solid shampoo.

Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask. Out of Lush’s fresh face mask, this one’s probably my favorite because it really worked like magic on my skin. The combination of its prime ingredients such as turmeric, lime oil and honey aids the skin in brightening and nourishing it. Not to mention, it has such an intriguing smell from the combination of different spices and herbs in the mask. If you had to pick up your first fresh mask, I can guarantee that you won’t regret spending your dime on this baby.

Don’t Look at Me Fresh Face Mask. This is such an interesting face mask not only because of its bright teal color but also for its zesty smell and unusual ingredients like silken tofu, rice syrup and milk which are supposed to work on softening and nourishing the skin. What you’ll also love about this mask is its cooling effect while the mask is sitting on your face as well as when you wash it off.

Comforter Bubble Bar. I rarely invest in bath products nowadays because I only get to use them in hotel baths but this one is such a handy item to bring if you want to have a luxurious bath time. It easily bubbles up your water plus the comforting smell of blackcurrant assures a relaxing soak time. The only thing to watch out for this bubble bar is your unused part may stain and seep through the paper or packaging that it came from, so it’s best to keep it in an actual container like a metal tin or small tupperware.

I have a couple of items listed on my wishlist for my next Lush visits in the coming months including body spray, hair conditioner, moisturizer and body lotion which I’m excited to try out.

If you were to recommend 1 ultimate Lush product which I haven’t listed as of yet, what would be your pick? Let me know in the comments box below.