5 Things to Love About My Mom

I rarely write lengthy and cheesy letters anymore for my loved ones because it’s out of my comfort zone but given that I’m away yet again for my Mom’s Birthday and she loves a grand gesture, I thought there’s no better gift than featuring her for my blog post today.

There are so many reasons I could list which makes me grateful for my mom, but here are 5 of them that stand out from the rest.

She’s the greatest cook in the world. If there’s anything to love most about my mom, it’s her food. Anything she has cooked is made with a lot of love and there’s no reason to doubt why they’re always a crowd pleaser — anything from her Pancit Molo, Kilawin, Honey Garlic Chicken and many more. I am very lucky to have a mom who is adventurous and creative when it comes to food, and who has exposed me to many sumptuous dishes even when my sister and I were very young. I could actually say that our love language is food and I’ve had many fond childhood memories around it.

She’s very kikay (‘girly’). My mom is the type to randomly doll up and put on earrings and a nice dress even if she’s only at home. She’s also the type to watch me and my sister do our makeup in front of the mirror and smile to herself as if she’s the one getting her makeup done. She enjoys letting us borrow her prized pieces of jewelry and accessories to amp up our look. Lastly, she’s the type to randomly scold you for not wearing any lipstick or perfume when going out. She’s your personal stylist and your kikay friend rolled into one.

She’s caring. One childhood memory I’d always miss about my mom is her lathering up Vicks vaporub on my back and feet and feeding me Lucky Me cup beef noodles with egg whenever I’m not well and unable to get out of bed. Whenever we’re sick, even if we’re miles away, she gives us a laundry list of things to do or take to feel better. I know that if only she was around when that happens, she’d do everything to make us feel better. She puts others first before herself, and will gladly share what she has because she believes it’s only right to share your blessings to others.

She’s a great listener. I’m lucky to have a mom whom I can gossip with just about anything — from boys I’m dating, to work or anything else in between. She knows how to balance being my mom and being a friend to both my sister and I, without ever becoming overbearing. When we’re feeling beaten up with life, she’s there to give her shoulder to lean on and provides us the strength to keep on fighting and just being patient for good things to unfold.

She’s a social butterfly. Lastly, this is one thing that I’ll always admire about my mom — she can easily make a friend out of anyone. It doesn’t matter if they’re from a different walk of life, she’s ready to give you a beaming smile and a friendly chat. She’s very sociable and likes to play hostess for our family friends, elaborately planning parties and a special menu she can whip up all by herself. I trust that anyone who knows my mom can testify that she’s a ray of sunshine and you’ll never hear her say anything of ill will about others.

I should’ve been home this year to be with my family for a couple of weeks and spend some quality time with them but I’d chosen to stay behind to avoid the risk of flying at this time. I’m sure that my mom’s past three months have been rough as well being on lockdown, especially being away from all of us in this time of crisis. If it was only feasible for me, my sis and Dad to fly back home right at this second, we would’ve gone already so that we can celebrate her special day with her.

I miss you so much, Mommy. I hope you will have a wonderful birthday mini-celebration at home! I hope I’ll see you very soon 💗

With much love,