6 Make-Up Products To Add in Your Wishlist

I love make-up and cosmetics as much as the next person but I’m just not financially-blessed at this stage of my life to be hoarding on all the good things as frequent as I would’ve wanted to. This is the main reason why I have taken a more minimalistic approach to owning make-up products — using them until they’re fully empty and only buying a new product by then. 

That, however, has not stopped me from scribbling in my wishlist every now and then new things I could potentially enjoy. 

And here are some of them:

Kiehl’s, Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Like the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette, this is one of those items that no matter how long it’s been on my wishlist, I just couldn’t find a justification for splurging bucks on this. It’s so tempting though because I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. Serums are probably one of those good investment pieces to have on your skincare regimen because they pack a lot of skin-enriching nutrients, even in just small drops. This bad boy is known to rehydrate the skin and put it into tip-top shape overnight. I’ve had previous experience with certain serums but nothing really that became a permanent piece in my nightstand, and I wanted to see if this little baby can change that.

Too Faced, Hangover Pillow Cream

If you guys didn’t know yet, I’d been a long-time fan of Too Faced’s Hangover primer. Like literally, it would take a lot to convince me to use and try other primers because it’s a godsend. Now, I honestly have a strong impression on make-up forward brands that release skincare products and vice versa and this product didn’t escape my skepticism but having tried out their primer formula before, my curiosity was piqued with this one. It is said to be a hydrating night cream that is packed with the “Falling Stars” formula rich in amino acids and iron. It is a light and calming cream, too and smells quite the same as the primer, thanks to coconut water.

Cover FX, Custom Enhancer Drops

I’m probably years late to the party but if there’s any blindingly beautiful and versatile highlight that I’ve always seen recommended, it’s this specific brand and product. Marketed as foundation base enhancer as well as a fast-drying and long-wear highlight, this product doesn’t actually come cheaply as well. Although I don’t really sport a blinding highlight every so often in my make-up routine, it still wouldn’t kill to add it to my collection when I need to turn up for a night out. 

Fenty Beauty, Lip Paint in Stunna

I’ve always heard and read nothing but good praises almost 100% of the time for Riri’s products and this is one of those things that I’d been meaning to get from the brand. This one’s another bestseller from the FB makeup line that made its way to my list. They say it really completes a woman’s look to have a red lip paint on but no one really knows how intimidating the red color can be and how nerve-wrecking it is to find and put one on, and that’s where Riri promised that this particular shade has been manufactured to look flattering for any skin color. I’d tried this particular lip paint formula in a different shade before, but I’d like to put the Stunna theory to the test and see if this lip paint stands out to its promise. 

Becca Cosmetics, Glow Gloss

I think it’s been years since I’ve painted my lips with a sheer gloss and although these babies have always been in the market, it’s only recent that they made their way back into the trend. Becca is a reliable brand when it comes to your shimmer needs — anything from their pressed highlighter powders and even glow body sticks. This lip gloss is said to be light and nourishing without sacrificing the quality of shine and reflection of the product.

Nars, Orgasm

This is definitely not a new hot product in the market but Nars’ blush in Orgasm shade has made its prominent position in most beauty gurus staples, and even my sister’s been a fan of this since. This blush is one of the natural looking plumping ones I’ve seen, and it’s quite light with a good matte finish. The glitter pigment in it is very subtle as well, which gives a flattering look.

As much as possible, I try to list only one item of each category of make-up to pattern it the same way as I would’ve if I had already bought the make-up themselves and use it on my routine. I also made it a point that even if they’re wishlist items, they’re also attainable in some way, if I had a little bit of a wiggle room to spend on such things. 

Now I know they’re not exactly the hottest or newest products in the market, but I always make it a point to only spend my money on something that’s already tried and tested. If you were to make your own wishlist with 5 things in it, which products would you include?