6 Lessons To Help You Start Working Out

It would be an understatement to stay that I never really imagined myself writing about working out, at all. Ask my sister and my boyfriend about it and they’ll tell you all accounts of me protesting about going to the gym before. I would quite literally come up with tons of excuses – anywhere from “Oh, I’m really more of an easy-breezy type of person; I only ever want to do yoga,” and so much more.

Fast forward to now, my sentiments about it would be slightly different, at best. Oh, and actually, I no longer find the idea of doing yoga as enjoyable as I did before, LOL.

Now, I wouldn’t really qualify to call myself somewhat of a gym addict and I neither have a 20-minute video presentation of my before and after transformation and how you can lose weight by just doing X, Y and Z but I think after going to the gym for a few months now, I have some quite valuable realizations to share with you if you’re just starting out or even considering it.

Everybody at the gym is there to better themselves. One of the major reasons why a lot of people are hesitant about going to the gym in the first place is that they are riddled with anxiety – they think they would look out-of-place and not knowledgeable enough to be hanging around there. But, you know what? Everybody starts somewhere. Nobody’s a gym genius right on the first day, and no one’s going to expect you to be. The best way to spend your first day at the gym is to actually show up and familiarize yourself with the space and equipment that is available for you to use. If you do not know how to use a specific equipment, you can look it up on YouTube where there’s tons of material readily searchable or even read the instruction labels attached to the machine itself. Now would be the best time as well to map out what you want as an outcome of being active and what you need to do to get there. Try as much to eliminate every possible excuse you can think of, and start showing up for yourself.

It takes a lot of effort to build a consistent gymming attitude. It’s not going to be easy-peasy, and nobody said it’ll be. The first few weeks, your body will go through changes especially if you’ve lived a regularly sedentary life. I remember being incredibly sore often times on the first few days I decided to go to the gym, but I didn’t let that hinder me from being consistent because I was in a momentum and flow. Eventually, I even reveled in the feeling of being sore because it made me think like I did a pretty good job. Remember guys, according to studies, it takes at least a minimum of 6 months of regular activity to keep a consistent attitude about it. Do not rely on motivation alone because as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, motivation is fickle and sometimes only let you go as far. Being disciplined, on the other hand, is a different story. 

There’s no only one way to be active. I titled my entry today as vague as just working out and not specifically as going to the gym as I felt like it dismisses other forms of being active. When I started my journey, I actually tried to spread out my activities as much as I can – gymming boxing, Zumba, yoga, brisk walking. I’m actually quite thankful that there are classes offered to us for free, which are helpful to my cause. Exploring other activities keeps you on your toes and actually targets different muscles and needs of your body. Not to mention, you’re not being forced into something that you or your body don’t enjoy. You will later discover as you move along the journey the activities which you genuinely like, and what actually helps you be physically healthier. 

Listen to your body. There will be a lot of people out there who will provide you with different advice and perspectives that may sometimes be either overwhelming or contradictory. Sometimes you’ll even feel confused as to who or what to follow but to tell you the truth, the most important sounding board is yourself. Yes, it doesn’t hurt to ask an expert or a trained professional, but you also have the capacity to observe and analyze what works best for you

Be kind to yourself. You are doing your utmost best. The fact that you even got yourself out of bed to be active and made the choice to adapt a healthier lifestyle is already a big step in and of itself. Don’t be hard on yourself ever, especially when you don’t see immediate results. It’s hard work; it will not be perfect overnight. Give yourself the time and space to get used to it and to gain strength.

Don’t buy into fad diets or express fat-burner techniques. One of the things I get most worried of for a lot of people, especially women in my life, is that they always get attracted to crash diets and misinformation that are prevalent on social media nowadays. It’s not rocket science that as human beings born into the age of technology, we are always warped into the idea of express and convenience, sometimes to a point where we don’t take into account its consequences. I’ve seen rather dangerous and impractical “diets” out there like the Military Diet, Egg Diet and many more which forces someone to go on an extremely caloric-deficient but nutrient-poor practices for less than a week’s time, luring people into excessive weight promise. People need to understand that yes, you may lose a couple pounds doing these due to water weight being depleted from the body, but sustainable weight loss or even management doesn’t come in a magic pill or diet like this.

Especially in a time like this, it is inevitable and even advisable to look closely into our physical health. Good health and immunity is a valuable wealth to have and it’s no question that it’s good to have it now more than ever. It’s never too late to start and I can assure you that once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy and reap the benefits of your hard work and sweat.