Youtheory Collagen: Nails, Skin and Hair Review

To be honest with you, it’s quite rare for me to buy into anti-aging or beauty-enhancing products like collagen for most of my life because I generally just didn’t see it as a necessity to my routine. Having Asian genes, it’s quite expected that I’ll sport a youthful face for at least until I’m in my late 30s, and I really wasn’t one to be so meticulous about cosmetics.

It wasn’t only until I turned into my 20s that I cared about my external appearance and things such as the health of my hair, nails or skin. I wouldn’t say that I’ve tried everything on the planet to cure the little imperfections which I noticed in these areas, but I would admit that I also wished that there’s something I could take to make it look even a tiny bit better.

At first, I was supposed to try Biotin since it’s quite known for addressing or promoting stronger nails or longer, healthier hair but there just wasn’t any 1 brand that stood out from the rest. There’s a lot of brands available in every pharmacy that claims different levels of dosage, so I felt a bit intimidated to just pick-up something to try. Not to mention, it was quite pricey for something that you’re not sure would even work.

Then came the next item that’s the talk of the town when it comes to products used to combat the hair and nails problem – Collagen.

I’d leave it up to you to do the deep dive research about the numerous benefits claimed by consuming collagen but to give you at least a bite-sized information — it’s said to aid well in having healthier nails, longer hair, clearer skin, stronger joints and even so far as acting as a weight management aid. Of course, you have to take this with a grain of salt as not all the benefits listed may be true for everyone. Some may even not experience any at all, or even react adversely to it.

This is where I’ll also pull up the disclaimer that for safety measures, it would be best to consult your physician first and really do your research before ingesting products such as these.

Youtheory’s Collagen in Nails, Skin and Hair formula is probably one of the most well-known digestible Collagen brands in the market currently and I’ve read most positive reviews online before buying it and deciding to give it a try.

I think it’s most important to share with you that although I’m looking to address my hair and nails situation, I am not expecting to see this product as a magic pill in that everything will be oh-so-perfect overnight or in a short amount of time. I’m actually giving this at least 2 months to prove itself worthy to be kept on my nightstand.

I got my 290-tablet bottle from Amazon at AED 190, which is considerably a fair price compared to getting it from the pharmacy I know which trades it. However, I would still say that this is quite pricey for a maintenance item but the only good thing is you can stretch its use for up to 4 months, if you’re going to be frugal about it.

From the bottle, you would see that the recommended serving size would be 6 tablets daily. Yes, you read that right. It’s not a joke. But I wasn’t crazy enough to flush down the drain my money in just a month. I decided to limit myself only to 2 tablets and eventually or occasionally to 4 tablets, and in this way I get to test it for at least 3 to 4 months.

Oh, and before I forget, zooming in on what I wanted to actually see results on – I’ve been dealing with hair fall and brittle nails for a couple of years now. For my hair, I’m only lucky genetically-wise that I have a head full of thick hair so it’s not really noticeable regardless of the handful of hair I shed every time I shower.

My nails however are a different story. They are brittle to a point that it’s really difficult for me to grow them long. I’m not looking to have monstrously natural long nails which almost look like claws, but I’d be happy to at least have pretty long, strong nails that would be perfect to paint on. I am constantly battling a hand with at least one or two shorter nails than the other, which is hilarious but also quite sad.

In the first week that I’ve tried collagen, I’ve noticed that my nails were growing faster than normal and my skin hasn’t acted up compared to usual. Strength-wise, my nails are not yet there but I guess I can consider it a bonus that my skin is not breaking out despite the fact that I was working late nights during that time.

In this first month, I’ve also had a gellish manicure and pedicure, and my tech has commented that I do have weak nails and it actually isn’t recommended to put on gellish as frequent because the over-buffing of the nail bed would make it thinner. I knew of this even before, hence why I always put at least a month or two of rest for my nails every gellish session.

To be honest with you, ever since the lockdown has happened, I haven’t been able to keep a consistent intake of Collagen because I was out of my head due to anxiety. I usually keep it on my nightstand and drink my 2 tablets when I have to take my hypertension medicine and my birth control pills. Lately, I have been a bit more religious about reaching for it and have made it a point to take my 4 tablets before I go to sleep.

For the most part, the positive results which I have noticed from taking collagen in the past few weeks is that my face has become surprisingly better. Like mentioned earlier, regardless if I hadn’t have a decent sleep schedule or I’ve been eating badly, or back to smoking occasionally — my skin hasn’t given me any trouble. Had I have a pimple, it would be very mild and almost unnoticeable. Even the stubborn scars left behind by my healed pimples have cleared up a bit, which is something I’d been battling for a long time.

Another sort of surprisingly positive result would be in weight management. For the past 2 months, even if I had been pushing myself to go to the gym as regularly as I can, or even undergo a training program, it was hard work to keep off the weight. I had been yoyo-ing around the same weight almost, only fluctuating by the decimal numbers. But these few weeks when I had taken it regularly, I’ve started to see the numbers go down a bit. Granted, it’s not a dramatic weight loss like I’ve lost 10+ KGS in a week, but it was still a delightful surprise to see the numbers moving.

Now, I understand that this could be a combination as well of different changes to the body that may have resulted to this, but I only noticed this result when I have switched to taking my collagen a bit more regularly than at the earlier stage of the experiment.

Going forward however to the two main reasons why I’ve taken the collagen in the first place, my hair and my nails — I didn’t really see monumental changes to them in the whole experiment.

Although my nails are growing faster than normal nowadays, it is still really noticeable how brittle they are. Just to give you an example, sometimes I don’t even know that one of nails has already broke off and was just hanging by the last centimeter of its bed. The foundation itself isn’t bad, but when the nails start to grow out, it doesn’t really hold well.

My hair on the other hand, even if it isn’t dry and I’ve come to start liking my natural curls, I’m still experiencing heavy hair fall every time I shower. It might also have to do with the fact that I put my hair in a tight bun or ponytail almost every day. Granted, again, it isn’t dramatic in that I have a huge blank patch of scalp that is hairless but it would be really awesome if my hair fall had been significantly reduced. I have done a lot of caring for my hair like keeping away from too much heat process as well as not washing it too often to allow it to produce natural healthy oils, but it doesn’t seem to get any better.

I haven’t finished my whole bottle of Collagen yet at this stage but overall, if I had to rate this product based on the results I have personally experienced for now, I would say it is a 3.5 out of 5 stars. I think you can understand why this product was given half the merits because of the fact that I didn’t really get what I initially was looking for. It really wasn’t a bad product though, and I honestly would still continue to use it till I finish it. Not only for my money’s worth but because the benefits which applied to me was good to have as well.

I’d be happy to post another review once I get to empty my current bottle and see if the results I’ve listed here would stand in a month or two’s time, or if they would improve/get worse.

If you’ve tried this specific brand of Collagen or have tried another which worked wonders for you, I’ll be curious to read about them in the comments box below!