In The Month of: August!

As I’ve said in a previous post, when August rolled out, I was immediately thrusted with a good news of passing my probation which already set a good beginning for August.

For the first time in months, I’ll be publishing my “In The Month of:….” a little bit on time as I’m officially in a vacation mode right now and lounging near the beach as I’m writing this. Excuse me if I’ll compile both July and August events as well as there’s really not a lot of happenings that occurred last month.

Here’s a couple of else things that happened in August:

Bruch and stay with sister.  From my generous incentive last July, I decided to treat myself a little by booking a hotel with my sister and going for a brunch, which we haven’t done in a while. It was also a good opportunity to spend some time with her since she’s leaving UAE soon, and we won’t know when we’re going to see each other again. We had a Caribbean brunch at Ting Irie and boy, it’s an understatement to say that they know how to throw a wild brunch. Good food, good laughs, strong booze and some dancing is always a great combination to me. We then checked-in to Jumeirah Beach Hotel, where the view is just very lovely. The renovations done made the hotel look more alive and fresh.

On food. In relation to my stay with my sister, I also got to eat in two restaurants (aside from Ting Irie) which I particularly liked. The first one is our favorite spot which is Noodle House in Souk Madinat where we had our usual Singaporean Laksa and Beef Short Ribs which are now fool-proof delicious selection on our books. It’s now even a tradition with my sister to have these when she’s in town.

We also got to try Motomachi, a new Japanese restaurant in Festival Mall which is hidden gem tucked away literally in the corner. Motomachi served us flavorful and a-plenty serving of Takoyaki, Shoyu Ramen, Maki Platter for 2, and Chicken Katsudon then we finished it off with Japanese Green Tea. It’s been long since I’ve had good Asian food, it was a stellar memory from my weekend.

In terms of delivery food, I got to try a new restaurant this month which is Mmmbox, a Japanese/Indian concept. I’ve seen it so many times in my feed but I never really bothered to try since I usually end up buying fried chicken (which is not good, folks). Their packaging is one of the cutest I’ve seen yet, and their Salmon Nigiri and Dynamite Sushi is not at all bad for a first try.

On lingerie. I don’t think a month would be complete without me reporting about the latest addition to my little collection and believe it or not, I actually promised myself that I’d put a pause on it but lo and behold, I still spent some dimez on lingerie. This month, I finally got to snag the beloved Agent Provocateur Robyn in Purple which is something that’s been on my wishlist as well for a while now. This piece is just very sultry and it shaped me  in the most exquisite way. I love the combination of satin and lace, and the color is actually deeper than what you can see in the photos, which gives it a royal feel. I scored mine at the recent Net-a-Porter 80% off Summer Sale which was such a good deal. I scored Robyn at only ± AED 520, including Express Shipping.

I also got the Agent Provocateur Joan Suspender in Nude which I had been dreaming of since last June when I got the bra and thong set. Good news is, I even got it at half the price than I saw in their retail store and online at only ± AED 220. It felt really dreamy to finally wear all three pieces completely, now I’m only missing a matching hosiery and killer pumps to complete the look.

My new lingerie set is from the brand of  Bettie Page Lingerie (part of Playful Promises), which is their Powder Puff in Pink Triangle Bra and Brief. It’s a simple mesh set with pink puffs on the front panels of the bra, and another one on the back of the briefs. I was a bit hesitant about this set because of the fit (as is with anything that is bought online), but this was very comfortable to wear and one of those sets that will instantly put you in a cheeky mood. I got it all at ± AED 220 (including shipping and custom fees), which is not all bad for a complete set. I’ve also found out that they have reasonably priced hosiery which I might go and try out some time.

Some lifestyle changes. I’ve yet to post about it, but I’m embarking on some lifestyle changes as sort of a promise to myself for my coming 23rd Birthday. I’ve been going in and out of this phase of wanting to change for the better for most of my life, but I finally took the leap for it. So this month, I’ve adapted some changes, predominantly when it comes to my health. I’m slowly adding things in like closely monitoring again my food intake, doing less take-outs or delivery, doing more activities (even enrolled myself to our community gym now), and just generally have the goal to look after myself, including physically and mentally. I’ll talk about it more in details once the post gets up in the following days.

August was quite a fun month to me, although for the most part it felt longer than usual and I just really wanted to get it done already to have my week off from work. I’m currently on my Day 4 of my vacation and I’m having a fantastic time. I wish my parents would be around to spend it with me, or that my sister also has a week off work so we can enjoy the beach together, or that my boyfriend can be home for a little bit so we can have some quality time without the stress from work. But still, I am enjoying my time here away from the city and in a location near the beach.

How about you? How was your August?