In The Month of: June!

June is officially over.

I know, I really suck with keeping up with posting new content, don’t I?

The month went by more quickly than I thought, probably because my work schedule hasn’t been the most ideal in having normal sleeping hours and/or social life. It was quite tough and my skin hasn’t been the best lately but despite all that, I actually had a fantastic time.

Visiting my sister for the weekend. Since I started working late February, it’s been some months since I’ve seen my sister in the flesh. Many a times we planned to but with our schedules mixed up plus the hassle of commuting, these kept postponing our plan. But I finally had one more holiday off, courtesy of this year’s Eid, hence I was able to go out of the city and head to the beach with my sister for a day. Bonus is she cooked a very hearty meal of Sinigang soup and Binagoongan just for me, which I had deeply missed.

New lingerie sets. In case you didn’t know, June is such a high time to take advantage of many of your shopping desires as lots of clothing brands are doing end-of-season sales. This month, I finally got one of the lingerie sets I’ve been wanting for some time now — Agent Provocateur’s Joan set. AP pushed their semi-annual sale mid-June and too bad that the Dubai flagship didn’t follow through with this, but I still managed to score this beautiful set (albeit not on sale). Didn’t get the suspender yet though since I was already beyond my lingerie budget (LOL), but I’m definitely snagging it very soon. The look just wouldn’t be complete without it.

I also had the chance to try out a new brand called Belle de Nuit. It’s a made-to-order lingerie brand that caters to extensive range of sizes (they can go up to 3XL!). Not to mention, the cuts of their sets are just very cheeky and hot. What’s good about this brand is that they offer custom sizing as well. I got this Rouge set for just a shy of AED 350 (including shipping and customs fee), which is really a heck of a deal, in my honest opinion. As my first time to buy something made-to-order, the waiting is a new experience to me. It took a whole month for the item to get into my hands, and there are honestly times when I felt worried that it got held up in the customs. My verdict? Not at all bad for a first purchase. As expected, the cut is very flattering and the fit is hugging me in the right places. Definitely a recommend, and would love to buy another pair from them, especially their silk collection!

I’m also planning to go back and work on a new photo project soon. I’ve always been interested to do some side modeling here and there, exploring different photographers to work with or concepts to play with. I just don’t usually have the luxury of time to meet, especially that people work on different timings as well but I’ll try to flip that situation in the later part of this year. My last mini-shoot was January this year (pictures above), and I think the turnout was not that bad, right? Now I’m back in touch with a couple of people I know and we’ll be working on an idea I had for a while now which is recreating Goddesses that spoke to me. It’s a challenge to recreate them in my way without losing the integrity of the image and without disrespecting it but it’s exciting to picture out the outcome. I’ll show you results once it’s out 🙂


I also went on a semi-Ketogenic diet this month. I’ve always been fascinated with this diet; I guess mainly because of the way so many people raved about it as very effective weight loss diet (plus countless of photo results). Although I don’t really have a complaint per se about the dishes itself, and I actually felt fulfilled after eating, I felt that it was a bit meat and dairy-heavy for me. Or, at least the dishes that I’ve tried for June, that is. I restricted myself to just having one main meal that has as much dairy as I usually see on other people’s recipes, but it still felt too much for me. I’m not going to close doors on this and will still try to pursue it but, I think I still need to do some research on it. I’m happy to share some dishes though that I’ve made in my Meal Prep Madness: June!


On being social. Sadly, boyfriend didn’t get a chance to come home this month so I wasn’t able to go get dolled up for a date night but I got to meet my lovely friends on our monthly dinner night. This month was Red Lion in Sheikh Zayed Road, where I learned that my alcohol tolerance has gone terribly down. Just two or three glasses of wine in, and I immediately went to sleep when I got home, LOL.

This coming July, my focus is going to be on work as I’m aiming to finish my probation a month earlier than the usual so that might probably keep me more preoccupied. I’m also looking forward to working on projects, and working on things on my dream list because I’ve been postponing a lot, and me turning 23 in two months is turning me into anxious Bella, where I worry that I haven’t done enough in the past year.

How about you? Do you become more anxious as you chip away to the months closer to another year of getting old? How do you cope up with it?