In The Month of: May!

I’m not quite sure if it’s a bit exaggerated to call this a long-overdue post, but it feels like it. After I’ve posted my week’s worth of content for April, things started to pile up on work end but I’ll try to keep up from now on, I promise!


On my second Iftar celebration. Believe it or not, I’d been in the Middle East for most of my life but it was only my second time to have a proper Iftar in my life. I got to enjoy traditional food at Al Bahou with some of my good friends, and all of them were very filling. This monthly dinner with friends is the only thing that keeps me out of the house, lol. I need to go out more, don’t I?


On getting my second inkWould you believe it when I say I’ve initially planned to get two tattoos at once last month? LOL. If I didn’t have my friends with me at the time, I probably would’ve gone through with it but I’m happy I decided to wait. This time I got this very cheeky (yes, pun intended) tattoo on my upper right back shoulder. It also represents two things that I love — which is lingerie, and playfulness. I’d love to get inked again sometime in the year, probably around winter time which I’m definitely excited for!


On more sweet surprises. I’ve always felt jealous of those posts online of relationships where the significant other would travel all those miles just to see their partner, LOL. It’s ridiculous, I know, but call me guilty of being an emotional girl. My boyfriend came home all the way from Switzerland one time just to see me for a day because he was a bit guilty of not paying enough attention on me. God, no wonder I’m so soft and such a baby around him. Kidding on the guilt, though, but who cares. It makes me love this man even more.

On brunching after a long time. Brunch wasn’t part of my vocabulary until I got to Dubai. I guess that’s primarily because of the Western influence in this sandbox that it became a popular way of spending your weekends with friends. I finally got to wear my new dress to the occasion, and had a little drunken fun with my newfound girlfriends (not new-new, but only got to spend a more intimate time together now) and had some fun and naughty bit of experience I had to share with my boyfriend. We spent the afternoon to early evening getting our booze on at Lucky Voice (killer sticky sweet pork ribs, by the way) and I went literally straight to bed when I got home. 

On cosmetics. I finished my pot of Mask of Magnaminty and thought to myself that I need a new mask. Then I remembered how I liked that time I tried Dark Angels, so lo and behold, it’s my new mask of the month. Out of all masks I’ve tried, I feel like this is the most economical as I only use a teeny-tiny pinch, and it spreads like butter. I also finally gave in and bought their bestseller shampoo bar Godiva which I will start trying out once I finish my liquid shampoo. Who knows, I might be a shampoo bar convert after a few weeks. Definitely pricier than your big brand shampoo, but I’m promised at least 70 washes. Let’s test that theory out.

Oh, and I tried a new fresh face mask this time which is Lush’s Brazened Honey. It’s unlike most fresh face masks I’ve tried, in that it smells quite exotic because of the ground turmeric so it’s a mix of zesty, sweet and spicy. Believe it or not, in one small sample pot, I got to use it at least 5-6 times which is amazing. I take it out of the fridge whenever I start to see small breakouts coming out of my skin. It feels quite refreshing and makes my skin feel very clean.


On food. Aside from Al Bahou and Lucky Voice, I did not try other food this month as I’ve been a little lazy to get out due to the heat. Dubai is starting to warm up like fresh cinnamon rolls out of the oven. Oooh, that sounds quite good right about now actually. Meal Prep Madness: May is coming out in a few days, and I cooked up quite a lovely feast this month!