In The Month of: April!

Welcome to the second installment of “In the Month of:…!”

First off, I would like to apologize for yet another radio silence for the last couple of weeks. April went by quite quickly, especially I’ve been consumed by nothing but work…as usual. Things are looking up, at least. I finished fully my training period and am now doing my probationary till I hopefully pass after 6 months or less.

Despite my just recently published money-saving tips from last month however, my expenses last April were quite a surprise to me, LOL. I realized a couple of things including that the money is there to be planted and let grow; my focus should not be on how to finish it but how to wisely keep some for future more-reasonable expenses. Not that where my money went last month were a complete waste however, but honestly I could’ve saved more.

Anyway, onto the month of April shenanigans:

On being proactive. This month, I’ve decided to do my first Pap smear test in Dubai. Unfortunately my insurance provider didn’t approve shouldering it on my behalf, as I wasn’t exactly feeling negative symptoms (weird, if you ask me). But, being that it is important for me and I’ve been always wanting to have it done, I still took it. The experience and test itself went quickly and I’m lucky both gynecologists I’ve consulted with were kind and approachable. Test results came back about a week and a half after and everything is fortunately all good and dandy down there.

Untitled design-2.png

On dates and being social. This month, my boyfriend made a very sweet surprise appearance during one of my night-outs with some friends. It was our monthly meet, and we decided to catch up and get some drinks at Cuba in Jumeirah Creekside Hotel. Lo and behold, he shows up just when I was already thinking he’s still on his flight. I introduced him to my friends and I was so proud to be on his arms that night, which is something I’ve always been wanting to do. That weekend was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for him to come again soon.


On miscellaneous girl thangs. Last April, I found probably my favorite tech to date, ever since I started caring about all things women. I’d been having my nails done at Queen Bee in Al Quoz since February and I met Rina who did my beautiful nails (picked a really nice shimmery pink color that looked girly and nice on me, too!) and did my Brazilian wax, too. She was a complete professional about it and did a wonderful job on both, which for me is a bit quite uncommon.


On getting marked. For the first time ever, I had my very first tattoo last April. For someone doing it for the first time, my choice of design and placement was quite bold, LOL. But it is something that I’ve been wanting for some time now and it is greatly inspired by something in my lifestyle. In case you’re wondering, it is not as painful as I thought it would be, although when that tattooist started working on the hair and the panties, the pain started stinging. It is quite interesting to see it on its healing process — the flaking was made minimal by Saniderm and generous amount of Bepanthene.

On food. I didn’t get a chance to try out new restaurant or food again for the month of April except for a Single Box in Japang (Japanese-concept fried chicken shop) and a fairly decadent chocolate cake from Pastel Cakes. I feel like I need to start going out again to try out new food, hmmmm. In other news, April’s Food Prep Madness will be out in a couple days!

So, in conclusion, in terms of activities and whatnot, April wasn’t that busy for me outside of work. I guess I wasn’t just writing as much since my shifts keep changing every week and sometimes after almost 12 hours dedicated only for work, I’m already mentally taxed. Not complaining at all though; I like what I do. I just need to be better at managing my time and making better use of it. 

How about you? How was your April? Was it any good?