5 Bioderma Samples Review

As promised in my skincare post, I’ll be reviewing a couple of sample items I’ve received from Bioderma from my last visit at the drug store when I bought their bestseller micellar water products for combination skin. 


In case you’re not familiar with them yet, Bioderma is a French-made skincare brand focusing on products intended for different skin types such as sensitive, combination, normal or oily skin. Their product line is not limited to skincare however, they do offer trusted products for hair, body and even Pediatry. I wouldn’t dive deep into their practices but if you want to read more about their years-long of research, click here.

Here are the products I’ve tried from their line and my experience with them:


Sensibio H2O. Like I mentioned in my previous post, this product is a really good make-up remover and an instantly refreshing toner. What I failed to mention in that post is it is also one of the products you can trust to wipe off make-up and dirt off around the eyes. I’ve heard some of my gal friends find their toners or skincare products to be really harsh around this area, but Sensibio is unlike any of that. It is very soft, light and most importantly unscented. We all know the harm that comes with heavily scented products, don’t we?


Sebium H2O. This product is similar to how Sensibio works but specifically intended to oily, acne-prone or combination skin. I’ve turned to this product for the whole of last month and my skin has quite improved then. It’s the first product I reach for the second I arrive home to wipe off my make-up. Like Sensibio, this one is also light, refreshing and unscented. The great thing about their micellar waters is that I don’t have to buy two different products of make-up remover and facial toner; this product works 2 ways in one.


Sebium Hydra. According to their website, this product is for acne-prone skin weakened by drying treatments. It is also said to be good to use under make-up since it is very moisturizing. If I had to describe the texture, it is quite similar to Too Faced’s Hangover primer, only a bit thicker. Surprisingly, even if the website says this product is scented, it’s either I barely noticed it or it’s very faint. Out of all the products, this one might not be my most favorite. It is hydrating, yes. But I wasn’t sure if I saw any good effects that happened after use.


Sebium Gel Moussant. Unlike other facial washes I’ve tried on before, this one was surprisingly not as foamy as I thought it would be considering it says it’s a foaming wash. It only produced a light foam and the smell lives up to its name; it’s very similar to a lot of shower gels in the supermarket. It is quite a simple wash, but it works the way it’s supposed to. However I did not notice any dramatic changes as well from washing with this aside from the slightly cooling effect right after.


Photoderm MAX SPF 50+. I got this product in golden color and it’s honestly the most interesting out of the bunch of samples I’ve got since I’ve never tried a tinted sunscreen before or sunscreen for the face, at that. Which reminds me, I should be investing in one since freckles have started to appear on my cheek bones from too much sun exposure. It’s quite a light product and not that noticeable on the face once it’s on but it did give me a nice color for a bare face. The only thing I would probably note about this is that it could be a little bit worrying when you’re sweating and the tinted sweat is forming on the forehead. That is something to watch out.

In conclusion, I did enjoy the products I’ve tried from the brand however aside from the micellar waters and sunscreen, I’m not so convinced with the Hydra and Gel Moussant. Maybe because I didn’t have enough product to test on, but it wasn’t as jaw-dropping as the former two, which is their stellar products in my opinion. Those are really worth every dime. However, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I wouldn’t consider buying their other products some other time to test out who I fare with them but for now, Sensibio/Sebium H2O and Photoderm MAX are what I know for sure you’ll love.