8 Of My Recommended Lush Products

Lush Cosmetics has been around for years now; it’s a cult-favorite and raved about by so many people for high-quality, good and all-natural products. Not to mention their business practice is something to be commended about as well. I knew about them from my sister who used to binge-watch Juicystar07 and her sister on Youtube early 2000’s era who often show off their big hauls from Lush.

From then on, I’ve been a fan of the branding as well as their line of products. They have all sorts of cosmetics from shampoo bars, liquid soaps, body wash, face masks, etc. Every time I get the opportunity to pass by their store, I would definitely enter even if I don’t plan to get anything. Their staffs are very friendly and would love to help you out when you’re curious about a product (sometimes even give you demos or let you take home a sampler). I just love the different aromatic smells and overall feel of being there.

I won’t get into the finer details of each things they offer, but here are a couple of products I’ve used and what I think about them:


41yKKq0qrLL.jpgMask of Magnaminty. This is my ultimate favorite face mask to use in the shower while I let the hair conditioner sit and work it’s magic. It has an aromatic but minty fresh smell and light exfoliator, and a creamy texture as well. Though for me it doesn’t differ much, I prefer the self-preserving one simply because it’s said to be more moisturizing and hydrating for the skin. This product is great for working on acne scars and pigmentation because of its light exfoliating feature. I use this at least once or twice a week and use them not only to lightly scrub my face but other body parts as well like neck, chest, elbows and crotch area where the skin is a bit darkened by sweat and rubbing.

41qfn1L7KKL._SY355_Ocean SaltThis one is also one of the brand’s bestseller and a classic. I first got to try this baby back in my Hong Kong trip in 2017 and fell in love with it almost instantly; I have even often found my ex-boyfriend sneakily using it a couple of times behind my back. This one is surprisingly light, despite it using a mix of fine and course sea salt and is non-abrasive to the skin. The mixture of avocado and coconut oil gives the skin some much needed hydration as well. I find this product perfect to use when you want to clean out your clogged pores but you wouldn’t necessarily want to have this sitting on your face for too long unlike other masks or scrubs. Like the Magnaminty, I also use this on other parts of my body.


Cup o’ Coffee. I’ve always been curios to try this one out because I love coffee and I could definitely recommend this for coffee lovers or those who love the smell of coffee with some hint of cocoa. I love to use this as an energizing face mask that I’d let sit on my face for a couple of minutes when I’m not in the shower, unlike the first two on the list. Face products in general that’s infused with coffee are great with energizing and brightening the face all the while lightly buffing away the dead skin. 


Sleepy Lotion. I initially purchased this for my boyfriend because I was concerned with his sleep troubles but I now actually share my pot with him and we both love it. This product has been on my radar and I just had to see if it really works. The verdict? Yes, it definitely works. This product is best used after a night hot shower. The warm lavender smell and the luscious texture of this lotion is what got us hooked. It has a thicker consistency for a lotion but it is very soothing and great for achy muscles.

80d39bbe5df24aa90935e1c72d83ba65Flying Fox (discontinued)Really saddened that this product is no longer part of the Lush Cosmetics line but it was one of the best-smelling body gels I’ve ever come across, no joke. And it deserves to be part of my favorites list. If I had to use one word to describe it, I would use “sex”. It is a very sultry and inviting aphrodisiac that stays on even after you patted yourself dry. Whenever I ask Lush employees for any recommendation on something similar, they have sadly come up with nothing that compares to this. Hello, hello, Lush. Please bring this baby back!


Ladyflower/LustLush also released their own natural fragrance, or gorilla perfume as they call it, quite recently and this one smells exactly like their discontinued Flying Fox. Depends on where you are, this perfume may either be called Ladyflower or Lust.  I absolutely love this fragrance although some people take time to acclimate with the smell because it’s deep and sensual. I would say the most prominent scent you’ll get off of this is Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Sandalwood. They sold this one either as a soap bark, solid perfume or liquid perfume in two sizes.


Bubblegum Lip ScrubI got to try it out from my sister’s stash and it was honestly the first time I ever learned the importance of scrubbing your lip to remove the dead skin for a luscious, smooth and plump lips. This product works the way it’s made for however, it’s probably not something I’d recommend you to buy as a first item as I believe there are other cheaper ways and things to make a lip scrub out of like used ground coffee or a mix of honey, lemon and sugar. 


Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb. Aside from shampoo bars and very effective face masks, Lush is also known for their bath bombs and right now they’ve come up with a bajillion concoctions of them. I got curious to try it out for myself one time and I picked out something that’s affordable and something I’d definitely like. This one has real dried rose petals incorporated in the bath bomb and made the water a light champagne pink color with faint floral smell. I love baths, and this one made that one extra special. 

There’s still a lot for me to try out from this brand and I want to go over a part two some time in the year. I’m curious to try out their shampoos and conditioners since I am already using natural soaps from Ilog Maria. I’d love to get my hands on as well on some lotions, body wash and bath bombs and let you know which ones have made their way on my favorites list.

How about you? Do you use any Lush product? Which ones are your favorite?