New Blog Series: About Food and My Sis!

38494073_10216894000845173_8845464714952572928_nIt may come a little biased and I’ll happily admit to the crime, but I’ve never seen any other person who’s more passionate about cooking than my sister. Coming from a family of cooks, we were both expected to have this as a natural talent, but it seems my sister hoarded all the gift. I’m a very happy beneficiary of that gift though, as I get to taste restaurant-quality food without having to spend a single dime, LOL. 

I will always cherish memories of us staying up late at night when she visits our home in Saudi Arabia. We would watch films after films on Cinema One or MBC and stuff ourselves with midnight munchies like french fries, mojos, Chips Deluxe or whatever we can raid from our small fridge. We bonded over food, as we still do now. A lot of the fond memories I have of her and traditions we’ve made for ourselves, in one way or another involves food.

One thing I particularly like about my sister’s cooking is that she always takes the extra step because for her, that’s what makes food extra special. And I do agree with that, because I’ve witnessed and proved it. She has turned all my basic recipes into something a little bit more elevated. Her own flair, if you will.

Moreover, I am always amazed at how she’s able to turn simple ingredients and everyday staples/poor man’s food into gourmet-like dishes, especially when we’re on those last dimes before payday.

Now that I’ve started cooking a little bit, I realized that closely watching my sister gave me an ultra convenient but powerful first-hand guide about the inner workings of a passionate little chef. I know I’ve been handing out some of my personal tips and tricks on anything food for a while now, but the value of information my big sis can provide is rock solid and can definitely take you from a newbie scaredy cat in the kitchen to a confident, ass-kicking chef.

So I’m starting a new mini-series about my sister and this is to honor her, and all she’s taught me in the kitchen. She’s my role model, my biggest bully, my favorite chef, my generous companion and my best friend. I’ve always wanted to create a project with her and I think this is the right time and right endeavor. Let me be my sister’s pen to her journeys, stories, and all she feels like sharing to the world about food which she would otherwise be lazy to write on her own, LOL.

I want to share about her essentials in the kitchen, her kitchen staples, her tricks into turning simple food into gourmet-ish food and other bits and pieces of her culinary journey and where she’s heading to. It is quite exciting for me as well, and makes me a bit giddy inside to know about it and be able to share with you these information as well. If you guys have any other suggestions, my sister and I would be more than happy to hear about it, maybe even answer it. 

At the moment, you can follow her on Instagram (@platesbyaubrey) to see her work and to make yourself salivate to good-looking food!