Lifestyle Resources (Also, My Favorite Youtube Channels)

As I grew older, I’ve learned and been more aware of the different lifestyle choices there are. It is anything from dietary restrictions like Paleo, Vegan/veganism, Keto and whatnot. There are people who choose to live a zero-waste lifestyle. There are people who choose to live with as minimal items as they can. There are people who try to live life full of mindfulness. There are people who choose to be a digital nomad who trots the world in search of meaning. Pretty sure if you hang around the internet long enough, you will see a myriad of these choices. It’s actually quite fascinating to watch.

Today I’ll share with you some lifestyle resources I’ve been following and observing for quite some time now. Albeit I don’t fully practice and embrace these lifestyles in particular, I do enjoy knowing more about them each day and slowly incorporating it in my life. Internet has privileged us with plethora of resources for any topic we could ever think of and though people will have differing perception about these resources and lifestyle, I’d still like to share my favorites so far and maybe you will be inspired by them too:

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Courtney from Be More With Less is my favorite source for minimalism and mindfulness tips and lessons. I’ve been a huge fan of this school of thought ever since, I even wrote a post about my journey so far. At first it was just an inside joke that this lifestyle appeals to me because I was a broke college student (now a broke entry-level employee) but later on, I realized that there’s a deeper meaning to my attraction to it. One of my favorite lessons was that we put so much emotional attachment to things even if these very same things do not serve us purpose and it begins to clutter our lives and subconsciously stress us out. 

I love Courtney’s website and emails because it’s straight to the point, they’re very helpful but you know that it comes from the heart. She applies minimalism and mindfulness not only to material things but in other aspects as well as your health, your financials, productivity, your interaction with other people and your job, etc. She has helpful short courses too about topics such as creating a microbusiness and dressing with less. Click here for her website.

Financial Diet and Vested Interest on Youtube are my two favorite channels when it comes to smart financial choices. I like it a lot because the language is very easy to understand (there’s no mumbo jumbo jargons that a newbie saver would be confused about), and they provide a lot of relatable materials and situations into bite-sized videos that viewers can easily digest. Both also generously gives more resources on their description boxes for additional reading materials should you need any. At this time and age, it is definitely not bad at all to be knowledgeable about financial management.

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Trash is for Tossers is great for that zero-waste living tips and tricks, especially when it comes to replacing your supermarket products with something DIY. I’m not going out on a limb and say I live my life completely plastic-free because with the reality of things, a lot of consumer products today still come with a packaging. But in the last few months, I have made a conscious choice to reduce my plastic use. For example, I don’t wrap each fruit or vegetable anymore in individual plastic bags when I go buy them. I bring my own canvas or eco-bag whenever I need to purchase something. Old grocery bags are instead use for trash bins instead of getting plastics specified for trash. I do not buy any more plastic containers and just use what I currently have till they’re completely used up. I ask for restaurant not to include plastic utensils with my deliveries, or my parcels not to be wrapped in plastics. I stopped using plastic straws thanks to a metal straw gift from a friend. It’s all small steps for now, but personally I find these better than nothing. 

You might know Trash is for Tossers founder, Lauren Singer, from that viral video about a year or two years back where she showed a small glass jar of all the waste she’s made in the past year. It was definitely revolutionary. Her website is also a great resource not only to natural alternatives to everyday staples but also to sustainable living. I can assure you it is a goldmine.

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Yoga with Adriene is one of my favorite youtube channels for yoga. There are tons of free yoga channels on youtube but I developed a particular liking about her because of her demeanor and because of her approach about the study. She is very gentle, provides a lot of yummy poses for specific parts of the body and emphasizes so much about mindful breathing and being patient with yourself. She also creates wonderful 30 day challenges which helps you gradually become stronger and flexible in yoga as well as give different variations for the poses. Back in college when I was still actively taking yoga classes, one of the lessons that was etched in my head was that yoga should feel good and it should relax you, not make you feel more stressed. Though I do enjoy a good, challenging pose every now and then, gentle yoga lets me work on the kinks and tensions in my body is still A1. And Adriene will definitely help you get there.

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I’ve been following Sorelle Amore for some time now and have greatly enjoyed her creativity, thinking and energy that she displays in each video she posts. Her channel is a great resource for anyone who is thinking about a career as a photographer, influencer, and a digital nomad. Aside from her aesthetic (which is very, very pleasing to the eye), the way she constructs all information into digestible bits is so refreshing as well. She shares a lot of interesting pieces like how it’s like not having a home, some photography tips and tricks, trying out the routines of other famous content creators and many more. Watching her will not only make you feel infected with her quirkiness and zest for life, but it will make you feel inspired as well to take adventures and create a life that is fulfilling.

I pit Lavendaire, Pick Up Limes and Jenny Mustard in the same category because the three of them give me the same feeling whenever I watch their videos — which is calming. Aside from having such a clean and wholesome aesthetic, the three of them are great resources for mindfulness living as well. Their content is about minimalism, vegan recipes, productivity, conscious fashion and creating your dream life. 

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Arguably there are a ton of food channels all over Youtube ranging from food challenges, mukbang streams, recipe videos and trying out different foods across the globe but one thing that I love about watching Mark Wiens is his knowledge and excitement about food. If you’ve seen any of his videos, you would know what I’m talking about. Whenever he tilts his head after having a bite of whatever food is in front of him at the moment, you cannot help but feel jealous because it looks delicious and you want that same experience. Wherever he is, he eats local and I think that’s what makes the experience truly authentic. It is very evident as well that he is such a humble and adventurous person, one would definitely enjoy watching him.

I’m curious to know which resources or public figures you guys look up to to base your lifestyle choices from. Share with me your thoughts about them. In what ways do they inspire you? What qualities do they have that made you feel enamored to them? What are their personal tips and tricks you’ve incorporated in your life?