My Favorite Ilog Maria Products

When I was a younger, my family and I have this yearly tradition of going to Tagaytay for a day and enjoy a little bit of fresh air away from the rather hectic city and hoard some local goodies. We usually start off the day by visiting our family home in Dasmarinas, then off to visit the Pink Sisters church, get some lunch at Bawai or any restaurant we fancy at the moment then pop a visit at one of our favorite shops which is Ilog Maria in Silang. 

Photo from their Facebook page

Ilog Maria is a local brand from the Philippines who grew its following throughout the years. They specialize in products made with bee by-products like honey, propolis, pollen and whatnot. One thing I’m quite proud of them is that even though they have expanded their product lines and their little farm, they’ve stayed true to their roots and did not commercialize their products. I’ve never seen them exploit, overproduced or compensate their products by diluting them with other liquids just to sell more. And they’ve always been an advocate for saving bees.

I knew about them since I was a kid, primarily because my mom was such a fanatic of natural products and remedies. I’ve tried their products then and I could definitely say their products are very effective and worth every penny to try out. In fact, I’ve used a lot of their products for years already.

They have a range of products from my parents’ favorite which is the massaging oil to my personal favorite which is the natural soaps. I’ll put the address and website at the bottom of this post so you guys can check them out if you want to, but here’s a couple of things I can recommend worth looking into at the store:

Royal Jelly Facial Oil
I use this product as a cheaper but equally better alternative to Tarte’s Maracuja oil. What I love about this is that literally, even just a drop on the tip of your index finger is enough to lather up your whole face because it’s quite a heavy product. It smells great, and works well in nourishing a dry and dull skin. I would recommend using it at night as your serum so that you’ll wake up with a refreshed and supple skin.

Virgin Honey
It is actually the only honey that I have trusted to consume ever. Some raw honey sold in the Philippines are diluted and supermarket brands are either just infused with honey essence (whatever that means) or mostly sugar than the actual thing but this one is the real deal. It’s pretty affordable too, considering. I love and use it on my food as a substitute to white sugar, sweetener to teas, drinks or dips, on my skin as a natural antibacterial component and as a medicine for dry throat or coughing.

Massage Healing Oil
I know this sounds a bit exaggerated, but I SWEAR BY this massage oil. It cured overnight a lot of my muscle aches, as well as very helpful when I have cough or fever. Just warm up and lather a thin layer on any part of the body and massage it for a few minutes and allow it to soak in overnight (I advise you to use it before sleep) and I PROMISE you that you will feel better the next day. I’ve read a few people who don’t acclimate with the smell but that’s actually the thing I love most about it. It has a deep, calming but sensual smell (similar to sandalwood or ylang-ylang) that adds to the healing effect of the oil.

Propolis and Cider Liniment
It is pretty similar to the massage oil but has thinner consistency and cooling effect soon as it hits your skin. One thing people will immediately notice about this is the aroma is quite strong but trust me, brave it out, and you will definitely enjoy this product. Like the massage oil, this helps really well with muscle pains and breaking down some knots in the body.

Honey Cider Vinegar
I first used this about two years ago when I made a simple dressing for my salad and it tasted so good. It’s sweet and tangy, not as punch-in-the-throat strong as apple cider or white vinegar and has a somewhat lighter, fruity smell. 

Natural Handmade Soaps — sandalwood & honey, honey & spice glycerin, honey glycerine face soap, milk & honey
Ilog Maria offers a lot of yummy-smelling handmade soaps that I love to use. It’s so good that I have actually replaced my usual supermarket brand soap to this. I typically buy different scents in bulk that will last me a good year. There’s two things great about this soap: it’s made with all-natural ingredients that are guaranteed to keep your skin nourished and moisturized and you can opt for packaging-free soaps to reduce your plastic consumption.

Fresh Bee Pollen
I initially was enthused about this particular product for the supposed “aiding in weight management/weight loss” claim (this was a time when my body goal is to be much thinner) but what made me love this product is it’s energy boosting effect. Seriously, just a small teaspoon of this in the morning and you’ll be full of energy for the day. It’s the only natural alternative I have as of current to coffee, which I’m still trying hard to manage or to quit. Bee Pollen is also said to be a good dietary supplement since it’s packed with nutrients and vitamins. It may look and taste a little odd like bird poop, but this bad boy is such a beneficial item.

Aromatherapy oils — sandalwood, ylang-ylang, rose, citronella and orange
Best of all, Ilog Maria has some of the best aromatherapy oils I’ve ever bought, though I honestly wish they can produce bigger bottles at some point because I could not get enough of these. Even my mom loves to hoard it. They have a variety of smells ranging from fruitier ones to something deeper and woodsy.

I haven’t been to the Philippines for a year and a half now, but it would be really nice to be able to visit them again when I get to come home and pack a bunch of their stuff to bring here. For now, I would just suffice myself with pasalubongs from my folks.

If you guys ever find yourself in the beautiful islands of the Philippines, do consider swinging by this quaint little shop at Silang, Cavite. The address is down below. If you want to know more about their business, timings and other products they have on hand, their website has all the information you need.

In my next post for this, I’ll try to share with you guys some of my favorite natural ingredients for skincare and what I use them for.

Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm
#7 KM 47 Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm Lalaan 1 Aguinaldo Hway Silang Cavite 4118, Cavite, 4118 Cavite, Philippines
+63 917 503 9156