My 5 Favorite Makeup Products

Unlike my sister, I’ve only learned to appreciate makeup fairly recently. Before then in high school, I would only play with a foundation that mismatched and looked cakey on my skin, some face powder and good ol’ black mascara under my eyes. Fast forward to college, it became a staple for me to be made up with at least the basics — foundation, powder, blush, contour and a nice lippie — in under 10 minutes before class. Now, I cannot be seen in public without any makeup. Bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point. I now take times that I go out as an opportunity for me to doll up and it’s been hella enjoyable.

I used to see it as just something for me to look decent enough for the public eye but it has transformed into an activity I learned to enjoy. Partly because my boyfriend loves (and actually insists) when I doll up for him but mostly because I love looking like a pretty little girl with it. It gives me a nice little extra ounce of confidence. 

I’m no makeup hoarder nor am I a brand snob — only keeping myself to expensive, cult favorite brands/products — but I sure do have some products that I’ve used for some time now that I definitely love and would recommend. Here are some things I’d like for you to try as well:

Hangover Primer, Too Faced
I first got to try a sample size of this one years ago as a gift from a friend and I fell in love with it instantly. It has a light, coconutty smell and the texture spreads smoothly and easily on the face. I don’t really like primers with grainy or film-like texture, so this one with its creamy texture worked perfectly for me. This primer has made my beat look like a thousand bucks.

Liquid Matte Lipstick, Huda Beauty
I got mine from my sister (more like stolen from her kit, actually LOL) and it’s been a crowd pleaser for me ever since. It’s quite a thick formula, even if you take out the excess on the sides. It looks really beautiful and full on your lips and dries out pretty quick and nicely too, unlike other matte lipsticks I’ve seen. HOWEVER, since it’s thick, it is a bit tricky to take off. Best way would be with oil-based cleanser. My favorite is the Trophy Wife shade. 

Hoola Bronzer, Benefit
In my limited exposure to products, I could say that Benefit is one of those brands with such nice bronzers and blushes. All of their other products stand out well too but those two are the bomb-diggity for me. I use this bronzer as a powder contour since I don’t like how heavy the contour creams can be. It’s great for my skin, just the right tone to give me some color and shade plus the smell is also nice.

Liquid Eye Liner, Body Shop
I didn’t expect body shop to come up with such an eyeliner but first time I tried it on, I was in complete awe. The ink is very pronounced and the shape of the applicator makes it easy to switch and play with thin and thick lines. Easy to dry too. However sometimes I experience easy smudging, but that might just be me moving around a lot, LOL.

Glow Kit Highlighter, Anastasia Beverly Hills 
ABH has been a go-to for everyone for every highlighter and eyebrow-on-fleek needs and I wouldn’t blame them. The pots are a nice color, the highlight is blindingly beautiful and finishing a palette will take a while so it’s a good investment piece. My only take from my own pot however is that up until now, I cannot find a way to enjoy or showcase the darker tones in a good way.

These are all just basic makeup products. Though I love dolling up, I keep my makeup products to a minimal because I prefer to use them up before I try out something new. I would do another installment of my favorite products (maybe skincare, too!) next time if you guys enjoy it. 

What is your take on these products I’ve listed. Have you tried them? If yes, did you or did you not enjoy them?