8 Random Facts About Bella

I used to live in Saudi Arabia.
Living in the Middle East isn’t exactly new to me as I spent almost 10 years in Saudi Arabia in my teenage years and even finished my high school in the Kingdom however, despite the number of years spent there, I embarrassingly never learned to speak or write in Arabic. The fact that I was there for so long seems quite a shocker for everyone as the country’s known for its conservative way of living but to be honest, it wasn’t much of a concern to me when I was much younger. I loved the country though because it seems fitting for a young family and the original Shawarma and Saudi Kabsa is to die for.

I have an older sister named Aubrey Marie.
If not my best-est friend in the world, I consider my sister as my twin who’s just born 6 years earlier — we look very much alike and have almost the same mannerisms, just different taste in men (*wink!). I have a lot of fond memories regarding food, drunken brunches, shopping galores and whatnot about my sister that I miss quite often.

I’m a cat lady.
If I were to be reincarnated, I would most probably be a cat because they resemble my personality well. Aside from that, I’d been a cat lady ever since. Our household never seems to be without a cat. If one unexpectedly dies, trust that there will be another adopted cat in no time. We have a family cat named Potchi which we have owned for some years now residing in our home in Saudi Arabia; she was named after a strawberry gummy candy of the same name because of her nose.

I got stitches under my chin.
When I was younger, my sister and cousin were playing with me by pushing me on those plastic laundry baskets in our living room. When the basket hit a bump, it forced me to slam the handle downwards and accidentally split my chin open which then resulted in a hidden stitch underneath my chin. 

I don’t know how to ride a bike or swim. 
To be fair, I think coordinated movements and balancing are not really up my alley and no matter how hard I try to learn these, it just doesn’t work. My dad also tried to teach me since I was young but he wasn’t really the best teacher, LOL (my sister and I have this inside joke that involves the phrase “ikawag-kawag mo lang yung kamay mo,” When I was in college, my good friend Kurt has taught me a little about swimming in our Olympic-sized pool in our gym and at least I have somewhat learned to swim to survive, but that still needs a lot of work.

I am big on food.
Most likely influenced by my mom but I love being able to try out new food and in different varieties. It is a dream for me to travel the world one day to sample on the cuisines globally and eventually open a business related to food. What that may be, I’m not sure yet — it could be anything from a food concept, an entire blog dedicated to food or a family restaurant in a remote location.

My life fantasy.
As I was growing older, it has been clearer to me my lifelong fantasy of living in a loft or a 2-bedroom duplex apartment with my sister in a city while she works as the head chef in a renowned restaurant and I work as a sought-after freelance lifestyle writer/blogger. We would work on building a business based on food — mixing both of our genius in her cooking and my writing. We would host
intimate dinner parties for our friends with games, wine and nibbles and travel to different cities to try out the world’s best cuisines to incorporate in our business. This is something that I really wish to fulfill one day. 

I love to play as an imaginary host.
Even when I was younger, I have always loved the idea of fantasizing that I’m a host of Lifestyle TV show. I would create all these imaginary conversations and topics on top of my head and sometimes I would play all the parts of the host, guest and even the intermission entertainer for the show. As time passed by, I have also fantasized about building my own vlog, daily documenting my mundane life on video format. Although it is something that I feel I would eventually evolve into in terms of creating content, I would like to focus my eyes now on building up my blog first.